10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

Gallery Of 10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

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10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

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Looking for some awesome books to read with your older preschooler? Check out this reading list of the best books for four-year-olds. Selected by a librarian and kid approved, these are the books your kids will want to hear over and over again!

10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

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One of my favorite activities was reading with my kids. I LOVED reading and was determined to pass on my enjoyment of books to my boys. I knew that reading to my children so we spent many happy hours enjoying stories together.

Once I started working at the public library it was my joy to read to the preschoolers. Story time was the highlight of my week.

Four is such a fun age for reading, isn’t it?

They’re young enough to still love reading with you and old enough to get the humour and understand the message behind the book.

10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

There are some amazing books to share with your four-year-old. I’ve pulled together a reading list of some of the best books for four-year old kids. Each book passes my personal test. They are

Before we start a few things about 4-year-olds. Generally speaking

- They still love picture books and like books with lots of details.

- They are able to sit still for longer stories.

- Repetition is key. They will still ask for their favorite books over and over. Even better they will start to recite these favorites from memory.

10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

- They can learn the mechanics of reading, but often their brains haven’t reached the stage where they can comprehend the words.

- The most important thing you can do at this stage is to keep reading fun.

Reading is a skill that children acquire when they are developmentally ready. It has nothing to do with intelligence. You cannot rush it and too much pressure can turn your child off reading very quickly EEK!

If you’re a fan of Amazon you can grab these titles by clicking on the links below. Please see for more information.

10 Best Books For Four Year Olds

10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

Jasper Rabbit loves to eat carrots. He stops by the carrot patch day and night. But one day the carrots start following him. Soon Jasper starts seeing creepy carrots everywhere. No one believes him, so Jasper takes matters into his own hands. Children love the antics of the carrots in this story and the twist at the end is delightful. Who knew carrots could be so sneaky?

A rabbit and a mouse plant seeds that grow into food, but they refuse to share with the birds. Mayhem ensues and the animals end up in a big mess of squashed vegetables. Everything turns around when the mouse offers the birds the last tomato and plants “a seed of kindness.” The illustrations are stunning and children really like the story and quickly understand the message. The author does an amazing job of conveying a powerful message about the power of kindness without getting too preachy.

Books like Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom is an example of what is called a predictable text. They are very important for pre-readers. Learn more about the value of predictable text .

There are so many wonderful books for preschoolers that it was difficult to narrow it down to the very best books for four year olds. If your very favorite didn’t make the list, tell us what it is in the comments below! What book does your four year old love the most?

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10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

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10 Best Read Aloud Books For Four-Year-Olds

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