Best Road Trip Songs for Your Next Trip

Gallery Of Best Road Trip Songs for Your Next Trip

Best Road Trip Songs for Your Next Trip

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Best Road Trip Songs for Your Next Trip

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I have to be honest. I don’t love road trips. Or rather, I don’t love long road trips. 4 hours is about as long as I want to be stuck in a car. But over time, I’ve learned a few ways to make being in the car more tolerable for me. It really comes down to a playlist of the best road trip songs and my favorite wine for when we finally make it to our destination. Even though summer is winding down, there is still time to make sure you’ve tackled all of those things on your #SummerBucketList. Especially here on the west coast, summer is more of a state of mind and your favorite summer activities can still be enjoyed on in to fall. A few weeks ago, my friend, , and I headed out on a road trip to Las Vegas. It was partly for business and partly for fun – because how is it not fun to go on an adventure with one of your favorite people?! Between the road trip music and the great conversation, our time in the car was very enjoyable.

My bucket list for this summer included travel but I don’t feel like I did nearly as much as I had hoped. As we head in to fall, I’m looking for places to head for a quick weekend away so I can keep my summer exploring going. We’re lucky that we have the beach, the mountains and the dessert all within an hour or so of driving! There are all kinds of adventures to be had before the weather gets chilly.

Best Road Trip Songs for Your Next Trip

My Favorite Road Trip Songs + What Else I Always Bring on Trips

I’ve recently come to realize that I WAY over pack on trips, especially on road trips. But I like to know that I’ll have everything that I may need. I always pack wine, so that I know that I have my favorites with me no matter where I am staying.

On this trip, I brought . I made sure the bottles were safely stored in the rear of the car. Bringing my favorite Butter helps to make my hotel room feel homier. And sometimes I’ll even bring along fresh flowers for our room. See, over packer status.

The songs on this indie rock road trip playlist also are the perfect pairing for sipping Butter or JaM Cab in the hotel room. I love that most rooms have been updated to include an iPod dock or speaker so you can play your own music when you are getting ready or relaxing. A glass of and some Death Cab for Cutie make my heart happy.

To me, road trips are such a great way to step away from daily life and get inspiration from the world around you. No matter where you go, there are always plenty of things to keep you busy. I love to find a comfortable place to sit and people watch. It’s entertaining and free. While I love to travel with my kids, I also love to get away with friends once in a while. Getting to step out of the mom role for a minute really helps me to reset.Another way I reset is with wine. For me, it’s about enjoying a glass with friends and chatting about what’s going on in our lives. Butter Chardonnay is rich and bold and full of flavor. If you love California wines, you’ll love this bottle! It’s easy to drink , easy to love and perfect for sharing with friends. Some might even say it melts in your mouth!

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