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Home Management Duties + FREE Checklist

Home Management Duties + FREE Checklist

I feel like I say lots of things are hard, but it’s true. As a working mom, I fail miserably at keeping up with our household. Bills get paid because most of them are auto-payment. When my husband runs out of socks, the laundry gets done. And my diaper laundry has been piled on top of the drying rack for months. I fail at keeping up with our household. With my upcoming transition to becoming a stay-at-home mama, I’m going to get into a routine for home management duties. These will include, cleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc. Will I succeed at them every week? I doubt it. Will I work toward getting better at them? Absolutely!

I spent a lot of hours over the last few days thinking about my routines. There are certain days that I have activities I want to take Piper to. I knew I didn’t want to plan to clean all on one day because, 1) it would take a long time to do all of it, and 2) it probably wouldn’t end up getting done, since it would be too overwhelming. I prefer to break things up into small pieces and spreading the work out over a few days. So, that’s what I did.

This is the checklist that I created for my readers. My personal checklist is slightly different because I include my diaper laundry schedule on it. One area of the home is the focus each day. Each task is checked off when it’s completed. I will be laminating my copy and using a dry erase marker to check things off. There’s also an additional line each day to include your own tasks. I didn’t include more than one because I feel like there is quite a bit to do each day and you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Grocery shopping is on Mondays because you can plan meals on Sunday night and shop on Monday morning, without having to fight crowds on the weekends. I really dislike going to the grocery store on the weekend.

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